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We offer AC repair & Installation to the residential & commercial customers in pa

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We provide regular preventative maintenance to ensure that your system is running at peak efficiency

Heating repairs

Whether your home has central air or a heat pump, we can diagnose and service most models in the same day.

Air quality

A well-functioning air conditioner and clean air filter not only provides comfort in your home but also contributes to better indoor air quality (IAQ).


We diagnosis and install thermostats. Ask us about our special on smart thermostats

Water heaters

Heat is an essential service and utility in your home. Don’t wait for cold feet, shivers, and freezing pipes to make the call to LegendAir

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Energy Savings

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Better air quality

LegendAir has been my go-to contractor for many years, whether I need service or new installation. Their staff is always nice to tenants, can keep their cool even in the most stressful and unpleasant situations, and they truly go out of their way to get their work done. I have never experienced any cost overruns when LegendAir is assigned to the job. I will always recommend them to anyone, including my friends and family.


AC Tune-up schedule?

A common question homeowners ask is, “How do I know I need to service my HVAC?” Homeowners often wonder, “When is the right time for

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Tips To Reduce Aller …

Make The Most Of Filtration Keep your air filter clean, changing it every 3-6 months, or more often if you have kids and pets. Filthy

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