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AC Tune-up schedule?


A common question homeowners ask is, “How do I know I need to service my HVAC?”

Homeowners often wonder, “When is the right time for me to get an AC tune-up?” The straightforward reply is that there is no set schedule for heating or cooling service; it depends on your particular needs. For instance, many people opt for tune-ups in the early summer.

However, if a HVAC firm fixed their air conditioner in early summer, they likely will not need to get another checkup soon afterwards. There are some advantages and disadvantages of getting service at different times of the season.,So when is the ideal moment to have your AC serviced?

Early spring – Early summer or late spring is the perfect period to have your cooling unit serviced since it’s about to be utilized for a few months. This would be the best opportunity to give it required backing and locate any issues before you require your home cooled off. The last thing you want is having weeks into summer and knowing that your air conditioner has failed.

If you decide to get HVAC service in late summer, the technicians can service both your air conditioner and heating unit, getting it prepped for the winter ahead. In this sense, getting service in late summer/early autumn can help you get two home maintenance tasks done at once.

Is your central heating and air conditioning in need of attention? Whether it’s repairs, full replacements, or simple tune-ups, LegendAir is here to serve your HVAC service needs that fits your schedule.